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Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to Quadrivo Software, LLC. We strive to protect your personal information and do not sell of the data we gather in the process of providing our services to our customers. This application requires the use of some information, such as E-Mail and Location for proper operation, but this information is not provided to any third parties. Passwords are not stored in plain text in our servers. The users' E-Mail address is used to provide security and authentication only; it is not directly available to other users or otherwise exposed through the application. Location is used for "Closest" Leaderboard support, but that location is not directly provided to other users, other users will only know that another user appearing on this leaderboard is among the small group of users closest - no distance or direction is provided. There is no advertising in this application, but Quadrivo Software, LLC may utilize analytics to improve the application and provide better service; these analytics may collect information.